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Like jumping in the ring with Ali

This bundle is nothing but HITS!!

Best damn soap company ever.

Been using Dream Tank for a while. Great company. Great product. Period…

Dream tank soap are amazing!

I always stock up on their soap! Super cool people and super amazing product!

The Best stuff for those diry jobs

I wrench for a living.
Tried everything, and this is the only soap that doesn't dry out my hands.
They actually feel better the more I use it.

Awesome Soap!!!

So Berry Berry

Berry fresh. Berry clean.

Pack of 4

Absolutely obsessed. 10/10

DreamTank Orange T-Shirt
Ryan Manuel
Best thing since being naked!

Love my shirt, it fits well, is soft, and people don’t yell at me for not wearing one when I go out in public. A win in every category! Get yourself one!


DreamTank makes the best soap that I’ve ever used! Buy it by the case! You can’t go wrong!

Greatest soaps

Smell so good. Their goat milk soaps are the best for showers.

Great soap

Makes me feel like I should be on a beautiful tropical beach drinking something made from tropical fruit with rum.

DreamTank White & Yellow Neck Gaiter
Gerald G
DreamTank cleans hands AND air

Thank you to the DreamTank crew for providing an opportunity to support their great company with a stylish way to cover half of my ugly face. The gaiter looks good and fits well.

DreamTank X Bad Apple X 2020 Collab

Best hand soap around

DreamTank White & Yellow Neck Gaiter
Robert Norton

DreamTank White & Yellow Neck Gaiter

DreamTank X Gentlemen’s StreetClub X 2020 Collab
Love it

Awesome products they’re very good at getting all the dirt off me after working on the race cars. Will definitely buy some again. Love from your first Aussie customer 👌🏼

Killer product

Soap works wonders!

Bought as a gift

I bought this soap for my granddaughter who has a skin condition and cannot use regular soap products. I have not used the soap myself but my daughter did and said it was very nice. One concern she had was that there were artificial color and scent in the soap ingredients, She thought that it was all natural. Processing time took a little longer than expected as well. I did not realize that it would take over a month to receive the order. Other than that everything was fine.

Best soap out there! Great customer service as well!!!

DreamTank X Get Nuts X 2020 Collab
Wesley Adkins
Get Nuts!

The Lapple smells as good or better than any other soaps I've used, plus it actually works! It gets the grime and oil off after I spend the day working on all my junky cars

DreamTank X Get Nuts X 2020 Collab
Christopher Kennedy
Best soap ever

I love the smell of the lapple. This soap is amazing

Always the best smelling

Been buying your soap for a minute an they always smell great! These smelled amazing an even smelt better than before! Ps I think the mystery bar is Strawberry

DreamTank White Snapback Hat
Best in the business...

All DreamTank products are top notch!

DreamTank X Naz 42 X 2020 Collab

Absolutely love the soap!!!! Works great, smells amazing!!! This will be my go to soap from now on!! Love it!!

Lemon scented miracle

The lemon scented miracle soap is a high ranking favorite of mine. It is moisturizing enough to transform even the dehydrated skin of Egyptian mummies and yet has the amazing scent of a lemon crisp. Highly recommended by a guy who you likely don't know and who's opinion only minimally matters to those who do.

DreamTank X SevenSix Racing X 2020 Collab
Jack Carvalho Jr
Best soap ever!!!

I’ve used nothing but DreamTank soap since they’ve been out and I won’t go with anyone else! Stuff works fantastic and smells great!!