March Update/ Hand Sanitizer

We have officially sold out of our hand sanitizer, and are now running low on some stuff with our body wash. We have experienced, essentially another Black Friday amount of traffic.

Due to the state of the country, a lot of the items we use have been bought up buy larger manufactures to help fill the demands of their products. Being a small company I cannot raise my prices 4 x the amount like a few of my suppliers have with the state of everything. Because of everything that is happening, I have been refunded a few of my purchases for supplies because they oversold and I am bottom of the food chain (for now).

I am hoping this situation remedies soon so we can continue on with our normal lives. With this being said when we run out of body wash that will be it until I am able to source certain ingredients which I am working constantly on. 

I greatly appreciate everyone thinking of us when they need their personal care products. We will continue to plan strategically to help prevent an out of stock situation in the future.