January Grind

2019 was in insane year for us here at DreamTank!

We went to more events and made more soap then I thought was possible! I can't express how grateful I am! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

January is my favorite month! Its my birthday (Jake The Soap Guy) on the 22nd! I have been working night and day the last few weeks designing new labels and working on the logistics for this year! 

We plan on attending both #GridLife Festivals this year, along with our local favorite Vegas Drift and trying to make some appearances at the Drift League in Southern California!

We will be releasing a limited batch of our CBD bars later this month while we wait for our larger shipments of ingredients! The rate of growth we have undergone has been challenging to manage as our sales increase! We have hit the point now where most of our ingredients have to come via semi, not the normal delivery means. Which has helped start cutting costs on shipping but means the delivery times are a bit longer with transit. 

It may take us a month or so to get all this transitioned due to the size of some orders. 

I thank you very much for the understanding and continued support as we get closer to the on season!! 

I can't wait to see you all at an event!!

Thank you!